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Wendeng setting fireworks fireworks co., LTD
Address:Tangerang district water margin in the town of sheep horse arrows
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Welcome to wendeng diffused fireworks fireworks co., LTD's official website!

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Wendeng setting fireworks fireworks co., LTD

Shandong wendeng diffused fireworks fireworks co., LTD., founded in 2012。Located in tangerang district water margin in the town of sheep horse arrows(Rest basis village road west200M)。
In order to ensure product quality,Meet the consumer demand。Company and liuyang, hunan province and other places set up production supply base,The advanced production technology、First-class equipment、Product category is complete、The effect is different。With a variety of special effects, scene、At night、Cold light fireworks,A display of security、Effect of novel、Quality of fireworks,Are all kinds of celebration、The opening、Wedding activities such as first choice......

Weihai setting off fireworks products will be absolutely necessary for all kinds of celebration and festivities
The needs of the growing - ok, fireworks just went off。With the progress of society,The improvement of people's living standard,All kinds of celebration and festivities,Involve fireworks and firecrackers are set off firecrackers,Artistic performance setting off fireworks is also a kind of entertainment and the celebration of the opening of the lottery。Setting off fireworks art design,According to the theme of the party,The host culture,The diffused fireworks picture design、Time to connect and forming procedure, etc,By electric control,So as to achieve the highest state of the art viewing,This unique charm。The so-called diffused fireworks art,Is the conception on the basis of the party set point。For the arrangement form of planning,Click on disposal,Special
- need to be careful - ok, fireworks just went off Don't make comedy, tragedy
The Spring Festival is a traditional Chinese festival,Sunlight is Chinese New Year fireworks fireworks“The standard”,“The Spring Festival, firecrackers blaring,15 the fireworks all over the sky”。More than one thousand years of practice today,No matter rich or poor,Every family can buy a few strings to put on a lively lively。But because of this,Every year, because of fires caused by fireworks setting off a lot of see。According to the statistics,Rizhao since this year2Month7Day0Up to13Day24At the right time,A total of fire161Up,The disaster9Up,No one was injured,Direct property losses14Million yuan。From the cause analysis,Because of the fireworks cause accounted for63Up,Visible,Fireworks
2Month1Solstice3Month2Day Weihai city fireworks can be temporary sales
Weihai temporary sales period determines the fireworks firecracker。3Day,The reporter learns from the district bureau of work safety,Downtown fireworks retail for this year2Month1Solstice3Month2Day。  According to huancui district the relevant person in charge of work safety bureau is introduced,Jurisdiction fireworks this year total amount control of examination and approval in retail locations64Within the family,Distributed in takeshima streets、Park street、Warm springs、Zhang village, etc。After putting planning、Review site safety conditions、Safety training examination、After the site verification link,To declare and site safety conditions in conformity with the provisions retail operators,In1Month24Solstice1Month28Day《Fireworks business(Retail
Weihai setting off fireworks fly high blown away,Will be better
Setting off fireworks fly high blown away,Will be better。So,Display shell filled in to launch and explosion of gunpowder,Only in this way can achieve good performance results。For example,A diameter20Cm display shell after launch,To rise to about200Meters high altitude will explode,Let's enjoy the colorful stars。While these dots coverage radius about can have80Meters。Don't look down upon these stars,The temperature is not low。When the shine,Can more than their temperature1000℃!It is in this heat,Filling all kinds of special metal display shell

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